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84 by ranbassi 84 by ranbassi
1984.. with Operation Bluestar the Sikh/Punjabi Genocide was taken to new levels. Instigated by the government of India, under the dictatorial and undemocratic rule of Indira Gandhi.

But this artwork.. has the scent of healing, among the darkness.

OSHO's opinion -

"Sikhs are people who cannot budge an inch. They would rather die completely than surrender to an idea which is not their idea. Their politicians are continuously provoking them; every day there is violence.

And just a few days ago they killed the high priest, their own high priest, because the high priest was a liberal type of man; he wanted some kind of negotiation. But what negotiation can there be? Either Punjab remains part of India or it becomes an independent country – what negotiation? Because he said he wanted some negotiations with Rajiv Gandhi, Sikhs killed him – and to kill their own high priest means they are determined.

Sikhs have a tradition that anybody who goes against the Sikh religion, if he is a Sikh, then the high command of the Sikh community can call him to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to punish him. Now they have called two persons to the temple; one is a cabinet minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s government – a Sikh – and the second is the president of India; he is also a Sikh.

These two persons should come to the temple to receive punishment, and the punishment can be anything. You can be beaten, you can be told to go naked around the temple, your face can be painted black, you can be put on a donkey and moved around the town – any punishment, because “both of you Sikhs are in power and yet millions of Sikhs are living in terror and thousands have died, and their temple has been profaned.” This is the first time that the military has entered the Golden Temple.

In three hundred years the British government never dared. In two thousand years of Mohammedan rule, Mohammedans never dared. No army could enter the Golden Temple. It had become conventionally accepted that the Golden Temple had its own authority, a kind of sovereignty in its own territory.

The assassination of Indira Gandhi was not accidental. She was the first one who forced the army into the Golden Temple. This was provoking the Sikhs, and if they got mad and assassinated her, it was not just accidental: she had asked for it.

To me it seems all absolutely idiotic. Let them be free. They want to be free, and freedom is everybody’s right.

My understanding is that the whole world slowly, slowly should be divided into smaller and smaller units so every unit becomes a direct democracy. Then these direct democracies choose a Rotary Club for the whole world. But that Rotary Club will be functional, utilitarian, not based on a lust for a power. And these people will be continually changed. So this will be one government, the closest to no government."
Jsohpaul Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
After you commented on my fb I thought Id check out some of your new work. Looks great and good thing there's no blue. I had no idea that Osho said this about 1984. Thanks for sharing.
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